Wild about Bath was founded by Ann Stuart and Christine Absolon in 2021.

Ann was formerly a Biology teacher and has always thrived on being outdoors. Now she enjoys learning more about moths by trapping them in her garden, and exploring the countryside and byways of the south side of Bath. She loves to share her enthusiasm for the natural world with others

Christine is a retired medical doctor and knows for herself the importance of nature and community in our wellbeing. She loves wildflowers and all the local fauna and tries to make her garden a welcoming place for wildlife and people.


The spring of 2020 helped us realise afresh the restorative power of nature close to home and gave us the opportunity to spend more time nurturing it. Neighbours came to know each other better and helped each other out. Our neighbourly Whatsapp group started spontaneously posting photos of previously unnoticed wildlife that we were spotting in our gardens. ‘Wild about Bath’ is a project that sprang out of that time and out of a deep enjoyment of and concern for nature.

The project is founded on Christian principles and values, however those from all faiths and no faith backgrounds are equally welcome to join in.

The Team

All the team live in the Bath area.  Most are volunteers, but in September 2021 we employed Jenny James as our Part-Time Manager.

Wild about Bath founder | Ann Stuart
Ann enjoys exploring the countryside on the south side of Bath and seeing beauty and diversity in small creatures like bumblebees.
Ann Stuart


Christine Absolon | Wild about Bath team
Every day Christine sees new things in the mix of wild and cultivated flowers and other wildlife in her garden. Her wildlife camera recently showed up visiting foxes.
Christine Absolon


Jane Stickland | Wild about Bath team
Wildlife and gardens go together for Jane.Without snails, hoverflies and worms there would be no food for birds, no pollinating insects and therefore no garden at all.
Jane Stickland

Garden Guide

Mark Baggot | Wild about Bath team
He loves to nurture oak seedlings for a couple more years before planting out - Mark then likes to look forward to the next 500 years.
Mark Bagott

Garden and Wildlife Guide

James Brady | Wild about Bath team
James has lived in the Monkton Valley for many years and delights in finding many of our special local orchids at the time and in the places where he has so often seen them.
James Bradbry

Wildlife Guide

Laura Sheppard | Wild about Bath team
Laura is currently ‘rewilding’ her garden and is especially hoping for hedgehogs to take up residence.
Laura Sheppard

Graphic Design

Jenny James | Wild About Bath
Jenny's role is to keep us all in order, update the website, reply to emails, manage events and co-ordinate volunteers, amongst other things. She has had 3 swift boxes on her house for a few years but is still waiting for them to nest. She does spot them screaming overhead as they arrive from Africa in late April.
Jenny James

Part-Time Manager

Paul enjoys the surprises of spotting the creatures that visit his garden pond including newts, toads and dragonflies.
Paul Maxwell-Cook

Newsletter Contributor

Sheila has recently enlarged her pond and is excited to see how quickly new inhabitants are colonising, with pond skaters being the first arrivals.
Sheila Watters

Garden Guide

Simon has had a life long fascination with birds. He found this exhausted house martin in Monkton Combe and was able to help it on its way.
Simon Stuart

Wildlife Guide