Saturday 20th May 2023


10-10:45 – Arrive, leave offerings, have a cup of tea and slice of cake
11:00-12:00 – SWAP O’CLOCK!


The Community Hall next door to St Andrews Community Church, Hawthorn Grove, Foxhill, Bath BA2 5QA

Community Hall next to St Andrew's Community Church

Plant and Seed Swap!


Do you want to get started with gardening but put off by the cost?  Or perhaps you always plant too many seeds and end up with enough cabbages to feed an army? This is the event for you! Bring your spare seeds, seedlings, plants or garden equipment, take any that you need with you, have a cup of tea and a good old fashioned natter, all for free!

How does it work?

Simple: Bring what you don’t need, pop it on a table and have a cup of tea, then when it’s swap o’clock take what you do need!  Don’t have anything to bring? That’s okay, please still come and have a cuppa, and see if there is anything available that you might be able to use!

Please try to arrive before swap o’clock and please no swapping until the given time! This means everyone has a fair chance.  Please only take what you can care for.

To make it easy for everyone, there will be separate areas for different sorts of plants:
– Fruit and veg
– Flowers
– House plants
– Seeds
– Equipment

What to do before the plant swap:

1. Label your plants! Use lolly sticks, cut up yogurt pots, sticky labels, anything! Mystery plants end up on a compost heap and that makes us sad. Seeds don’t need to be in any official packaging, an old, sealed, envelope will do, but please ensure you still write the name of the plant on the envelope.

2. Use single pots – this means they’re easy to take away and that they don’t have to be taken by one person.  You don’t need to use flower pots: toilet roll tubes, yogurt pots, tins, margarine tubs, and takeaway pots all make good temporary pots!

3. If you are bringing cuttings that haven’t been planted, please prepare them by wrapping in damp kitchen roll and popping them in a sealed plastic bag or pot

4.You don’t have to just bring plants! Pots, tools, seeds: anything gardening related that you think someone else can use!

What will happen to any plants or equipment left at the end?

– Plants will be secreted on anyone not looking at their bag at every given opportunity until there are none left!
– If equipment you have brought has not been taken, it would be really useful if you could please take it home with you again (sorry) – unfortunately any equipment that is left behind may end up in landfill and none of us want that!

What happens if I get home and realise I have no idea what to do with the plants I have taken?

Join our Facebook group or feel free to contact us via our Contact page and we will see if we can help!

I still have questions, what should I do?

As above, please feel free to contact us via our Contact page.


We look forward to seeing you there!