Wildlife Photography Competition Results 2021

Dandelion clock amongst dark green foliage

Wildlife Photography Competition Results 2021

We had a great Photographic Competition on 3 October, with 50 entries from children to adults.
Our judges were both local artists. Ted has a couple of Art Degrees and has run Art Galleries in London and Bath, Roz is a local artist and is training as an Art Therapist.
We held the Competition in Holy Trinity Church, Combe Down to correspond with the Harvest Services. The church was full of flowers and produce for Harvest which beautifully complemented the photos of wildlife seen locally during the pandemic.
collage of images showing fruit and flowers on display in the church
There was a great sense of fun, warmth, and anticipation as we munched cakes and waited for the judges’ decisions, then there was clapping, shock, and joy as the prizes were announced.


Collage of photos from our photographic competition, including Sue Monk, first prize winner
There was general agreement we should do this again next year!


Here, for your enjoyment, are our prize-winning and highly commended entries.


Christine Absolon

Winners in the Children 5-11 yrs Category

Peacock butterfly on lavender
1st Prize (Children) - Butterfly on a Flower by Aidan Lam
Photo of white clover flower
2nd Prize (Children) - Clover by Lucy Youlten
Close up of anthers on a flower - looking like spaghetti
3rd Prize (Children) - The Spaghetti Plant by Ben Youlten

Winners in the Young People 12-16 yrs Category

Looking at pink cherry blossom directly up the trunk of the tree
1st Prize (Young People) - Spring Blossoms by Jack Youlten
Close up of grass seedheads against a blue sky
2nd Prize (Young People) - Grasses by Jack Youlten
Close up of a white flower (cosmos?)
3rd Prize (Young People) - Petals by Jack Youlten

Winners in the Adults Category

Dandelion clock amongst dark green foliage
1st Prize (Adults) - Evening Dandelion by Sue Monk
Honey bee above pink apple blossom on a branch
2nd Prize (Adults) - Honey Bee on Apple Blossom by David Le Tall
Tiny lone mushroom peeking up from undergrowth in a woodland
3rd Prize (Adults) - Not Mushroom for a Housing Estate by Daisy Davis
Spike of Bath Asparagus flowers in a meadow
Highly Commended (Adults) - Bath Asparagus by Christine Absolon
Morning cobwebs on teasels
Highly Commended (Adults) - Morning Cobwebs by Jane Langsford
A bright sunflower head in a garden
Highly Commended (Adults) - Makes you Smile by Howard Jones

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